Cargo transportation by truck

JSC “VM Logistics” provides trucking services for full or partial freights (consolidated). Possessing own trucks and having the option to work with our partners, allows JSC “VM Logistics” to provide truly reliable and operative delivery. One of the advantages of our company is consolidated/partial (consolidation – is when one vehicle transports freight from different clients). Company constantly transports partial freights in Western Europe. Additionally, trucks with consolidated freights depart from JSC “VM Logistics” terminals on weekly basis, to biggest cities in the middle Asia. Consequently it allows faster delivery for partial freights which need to be delivered in that bearing.

Our company car fleet:

FTL (Full-truckload):

  • Tent trailers (92m3, 120m3) (ADR 92m3 - trucks for the transport of dangerous goods)
  • Isothermal trailers (92m3)
  • Refrigerated trailers (92m3)


LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) (consoliadtion):

  • tent trailers (82m3, 92m3, 120m3

Our wagon fleet

Public wagon fleet:

- Covered Standard wagon 120m3 (model 11–066)

- Covered Isothermal wagon (138m3) (800 model)

- Gondola wagon

- Universal platform

- Fitting platform

- 20’ feet container

- 40‘ feet container

- Standartiniai dengti vagonai 120m3 bendro naudojimo ( Susisiekimo Ministrerijos vagonai )

- Standartiniai dengti vagonai 120m3 (nuomojami)

Railway delivery method

JSC “VM Logistics” offers railway delivery to CIS countries and Middle East. For such delivery realisation few transportation methods are utilised (water based transport + railway transport) (auto vehicles + railway transport). We collect freights from consignor factories with trucks, with further freight delivery to custom warehouses within Baltic States. Additionally, our company can offer freight deliveries from west European ports and USA to largest Baltic ports. Upon freight arrival to customwarehouses in Baltics, our customs brokers formalise all necessary documents for freight transportation, afterwards goods are moved to railway transportation vehicle, thoroughly secured and sent to desired railway station. 

Plane deliveries

Thanks to the long lasting and successful cooperation with largest airlines in the world, JSC “VM Logistics”  can offer you freight delivery via plane from any airport within European Union and USA to any airport selected by you. We can offer delivery scheme optimisation for any quantity of goods; furthermore we can develop delivery options for dangerous freights (ADR).

Customs, storage services

Information is under construction.



UAB “VM Logistics”
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Phone: +370 5 2304349
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Fax: +370 5 2304352

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